Withdrawing Funds

Please be advised that It can take up to seven (7) business days after your withdrawal requests has been placed until it is processed and approved.

Withdrawals to credit and debit cards can be only for the amount deposited. Below are 2 alternative methods for withdrawing additional funds that exceed the sum of the original credit/debit card.

Wire transfer: Complete this form and send it to: support@netmarkets.by bearing your bank account details.

Skrill: Send us an email to support@netmarkets.by with the requested withdrawal amount and the email address of the Skrill Account IF where you wish the amount to be transferred to.

In some cases, withdrawals of funds deposited by credit or debit card are limited by the card issuer, and cannot exceed the original amount deposited. Sums in excess of the original deposit may be withdrawn by providing an alternative withdrawal method (for example bank wire transfer, Skrill or Neteller).

If you’re having trouble withdrawing funds or can’t sign in to your account, contact us for more help.